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In 2005, introduced a new and innovative subscription based service to offer live streaming video from our vehicle and our unmanned camera systems. Since that time, we have expanded our capabilities and now offer a wide variety of benefits to those who are in a position to support our work financially.

It is not a subscription service in the traditional sense. Instead, it is more like a cooperative of like-minded people who all share a desire to learn more about hurricanes and other severe weather. The more people join this unique group, the more we can accomplish together; this is what crowdfunding is all about.

Through the utilization of Patreon, a wonderful creator-based crowdfunding platform, we have set up a way to offer the best of HurricaneTrack in a unique and innovative environment. The funding from this makes things happen that help to advance the science of hurricanes, educate the public and keep our community informed and engaged. There truly is nothing else like it anywhere on the Internet.

What we offer

In return for your financial support, you will have access to an incredible amount of knowledge, resources, live coverage and more. You are investing in the future of this ongoing project and will very much be a part of it.

Membership to HurricaneTrack Insider includes the following:

  • Exclusive access to all of our live video streams during any field operations
  • Exclusive access to our entire library of original content (our Tracking the Hurricanes series, etc) all 100% commercial/ad-free
  • Mobile access to all of our live video streams (this replaces our app which was costing more money than it was earning)
  • Member-only chat (a very popular feature that we have offered since 2009)
  • Exclusive access to our new Podcast series Stories from the Hurricane Highway
  • Live weather data from our mobile weather stations during field missions
  • Exclusive clips, time lapse movies and more from our unmanned cams
  • Full-time access to our growing list of permanent live camera feeds (we currently have live cams in Nevada to monitor the Desert Monsoon, the Outer Banks of NC, and two in the U.S. Virgin Islands)
  • First access to breaking news and important video discussions during hurricanes and other severe weather
  • NEW for 2020! Poster-sized, full color hurricane tracking chart custom designed just for our members

How to sign up and begin supporting our work

We have been utilizing the Patreon platform since 2016 and find it to work incredibly well for what we are trying to accomplish. Patreon is a crowdfunding source that allows creators (that's us) to work with Patrons (that's you) to fund our projects. Here's how it is vastly different than a traditional subscription: it's not a one way street! That is to say, we work together via Patreon towards our goals. The interaction through the Patreon app is fantastic and allows us to communicate, blog, share video, pictures and more, all in one place. What's great is that we do not have to keep the app supported - that is taken care of by Patreon and their internal infrastructure. In essence, it gives us a micro-social media universe that we can use to keep our Patrons updated AND engaged without any outside influence or trolls to worry about. Thousands of content creators use Patreon to further their work and we are proud to be a part of the new era of crowdfunding.

You may sign up via Patreon and choose a level that best fits your needs. We love the fact that you can change the level of your patronage anytime you wish - up or down - as your budget changes. Every single Patron counts...that's what makes crowdfunding so successful!

To sign up via Patreon, visit the link below. Access to HurricaneTrack Insider begins at $10 per month. We have placed a cap on membership at 500 total members to help maintain the ability to remain a small and close-knit community. We are about half-way to that goal now so go ahead, join a group that is unlike any other and support the new era in online hurricane and severe weather information and live coverage. You'll be asking yourself why you didn't do this sooner!

Any questions? Feel free to email Mark Sudduth

Sign up via Patreon by visiting this link: HurricaneTrack on Patreon

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